A Reflection Just For You

What happens on the road doesn’t necessarily stay on the road. One tends to capture moments with a camera and send it free into the “electric spider web” aka the internet.

(Although being set free in a spider web is a bit of a load. Too much stick to handle, practically no movement there. Come to think of it, once something is in the web, real life or the matrix, it’s stuck. So, that statement might have more meaning than realized.)

Anyway, this past year was one crazy, fun, and delightfully dull 52 weeks. Balance is very important, even with emotions. No complaints here. Many good friends were made, spectacular ground was traveled on, and music painted the sound waves every show night. Fun times all around. To tell it would give it no justice, so here is a video that shows a very small portion of just that.

Cheers, Tajlyn





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