Get things Flowing

There are many things that are good in life. Music, food, fresh air. It’s all great. But nothing is better than waking up naturally, without anyone or anything telling you to do so. That was my morning…..

It’s funny how we have managed to let ourselves be “pushed around” by objects, and others who are “more superior”. (Time to get up, who said what on social media, I hate my job but my boss needs me to do this, etc.). What gives? Sure it happens to the best of us, and it’s fine if one is willing to do so. In many cases, that’s not the case. So, only one thing to do. Transform. Become your true self.

What makes you passionate, who do you love to be around, how can you contribute to the world? All things to consider and work on everyday. It doesn’t have to be just one thing.

For me, it’s music, fitness, martial arts, health, travel. Just to name a few things that keep me flowing. Sure I’m not going to save the world kicking someone in the face while playing guitar in one hand and drinking some coconut water in the other. I know this. But, to focus on you passions brings good vibes. Vibes that spread to everything. It’s kind of contagious. If we can all focus on our passions everyday, that could in a sense change the world. Just something to think about. So where’s your passion at?




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