Solo Yet Not Alone

It appears that I live a life of a solo woman. No band backing me, no romantic relationship, no children to care for, you name it. Totally solo…

What a silly load of schmit! Alone is the last thing that I feel.

There are so many wonderful people that I have connected with throughout my life. Whether it be at a show I’ve played at or attended, work, friendships that were made on the road, or a random person waiting in line with me for a fantastic meal. (Props to FOCO Cafe!) People are everywhere. With the exception of being stranded on an island or being in the vast frozen wilderness, it’s very hard to be alone.

I was reminded of this recently in many ways. Talking to an old friend on the phone, visiting recent pictures of “fans” that were made this past tour. Going out into the world and experiencing new things, seeing new faces. Being alone is only an idea. If I focus on it, being alone is attainable. But what’s the point of that? It’s too much fun to not be.




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