Just as important

Does importance matter? Hell yes it does. With out importance there would be a big emptiness in life, the world, everything. Unimportant would be very lonely.

So why is it common to fill our lives with a considerable amount of unimportant things, and less important tasks? It’s so common, I did it at least once today, double last week. What gives?! Hello therapy.

We get caught up. In the schite of the bull, we get really caught up. It’s almost becoming a “natural” human behavior. Forgetting what makes us happy, how to stay healthy, and not just physically. A healthy mentality is just as important and your physique. Not to mention spiritual health as well. Still working on that one myself, slowly bulking up!

I say, leave the bull’s bowels alone and have a nice colon cleanse. Every day, every moment, focus on what’s important to you. Ex out what is not and be happy.






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