A Sneak Peek Review Of White Dwarf

Written By Casandra

You may or may not know that Tajlyn is in the middle of recording her next album, ‘White Dwarf’.  I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the very small group of people who Tajlyn has let listen to the somewhat complete recordings of this up and coming album.  I have also been to the studio to watch the magic of making this album take place (okay, now I’m just bragging).  While I won’t be able to share any of these tracks with you at this time, I am able, and would like to write about the experience I have had listening to these songs.

If you have attended any of Tajlyn’s show this past year, there is a good possibility that you have heard some of the songs from White Dwarf.  We released the song “Bitter” in our latest promo video. If you haven’t watched that one, you can watch it right here, right now. 🙂

All righty then, let’s get to this review…. My overall feeling of this album, and I am comparing it to Taj’s first album New Element, it “shows” her evolution, even the evolution of her producer, Ben.  More dynamics, better quality all around.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love listening to New Element, it’s an awesome album.  However, White Dwarf is on a whole ‘nother level.  It has a rockin’ sound with a raw and grundge-like vibe to it.  I hope you hear what I am talking about since you just watched the above video and got to listen to “Bitter”.  Such a great song.  Love how she has incorporated the keys (keyboard) in this one.

Once again with this album, Tajlyn is at it, composing all of the lyrics and music.  Performing each instrument in the studio.  With the assistance of Ben’s creative ideas, they have utilized crunchy leaves, the slamming of a door, the scratching of a wall, the ding of a Klean Kanteen and then some to add unique sounds to this album.  Watching Ben’s engineering and production skills in making this album is like watching a musical chemist brew batches of creative genius with the sounds and mixes.  I greatly enjoy the addition of the keys and other instruments in this album (violin, didgeridoo…).  The small touch of just a few notes from our grandfather’s banjo also gives this album a nostalgic tone.

The song I heard the other night, “Sweetly”, Tajlyn finished writing this one the day before they finished recording it in studio (a week ago).  This song, this is gonna be the one you will dance your ass off to.  It has power in it, gives me the chills.   I see this song being the one you will hear on the radio waves.  “Sweetly” is inspired by our family dog that passed away last year.  I immediately heard how it was inspired by our dog in the lyrics, but seconds later I felt the lyrics in my own way, not in reference to our dog.  Those words hit me in a way that spoke to my personal life and made me feel so good, inspired and up-lifted.  I was dancing, something I don’t normally do when I first listen to her stuff.  Tajlyn belts out in this song and does some rapping.   This song has all the elements in making a bad ass song.  In my opinion, Tajlyn & Ben were spot on to making “Sweetly” an ultimate hit.

I urge you to become excited about White Dwarf.  I know it isn’t the healthiest thing to do, get yourself amped up prior to experience, thus possibly setting yourself up for disappointment.  However, if you are a fan of Tajlyn, I do believe you are going to really like this album.

Interested in pre-ordering White Dwarf?  Please email Tajlyn at tajlynmusic@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading! – Casandra



Just as important

Does importance matter? Hell yes it does. With out importance there would be a big emptiness in life, the world, everything. Unimportant would be very lonely.

So why is it common to fill our lives with a considerable amount of unimportant things, and less important tasks? It’s so common, I did it at least once today, double last week. What gives?! Hello therapy.

We get caught up. In the schite of the bull, we get really caught up. It’s almost becoming a “natural” human behavior. Forgetting what makes us happy, how to stay healthy, and not just physically. A healthy mentality is just as important and your physique. Not to mention spiritual health as well. Still working on that one myself, slowly bulking up!

I say, leave the bull’s bowels alone and have a nice colon cleanse. Every day, every moment, focus on what’s important to you. Ex out what is not and be happy.






Solo Yet Not Alone

It appears that I live a life of a solo woman. No band backing me, no romantic relationship, no children to care for, you name it. Totally solo…

What a silly load of schmit! Alone is the last thing that I feel.

There are so many wonderful people that I have connected with throughout my life. Whether it be at a show I’ve played at or attended, work, friendships that were made on the road, or a random person waiting in line with me for a fantastic meal. (Props to FOCO Cafe!) People are everywhere. With the exception of being stranded on an island or being in the vast frozen wilderness, it’s very hard to be alone.

I was reminded of this recently in many ways. Talking to an old friend on the phone, visiting recent pictures of “fans” that were made this past tour. Going out into the world and experiencing new things, seeing new faces. Being alone is only an idea. If I focus on it, being alone is attainable. But what’s the point of that? It’s too much fun to not be.




Get things Flowing

There are many things that are good in life. Music, food, fresh air. It’s all great. But nothing is better than waking up naturally, without anyone or anything telling you to do so. That was my morning…..

It’s funny how we have managed to let ourselves be “pushed around” by objects, and others who are “more superior”. (Time to get up, who said what on social media, I hate my job but my boss needs me to do this, etc.). What gives? Sure it happens to the best of us, and it’s fine if one is willing to do so. In many cases, that’s not the case. So, only one thing to do. Transform. Become your true self.

What makes you passionate, who do you love to be around, how can you contribute to the world? All things to consider and work on everyday. It doesn’t have to be just one thing.

For me, it’s music, fitness, martial arts, health, travel. Just to name a few things that keep me flowing. Sure I’m not going to save the world kicking someone in the face while playing guitar in one hand and drinking some coconut water in the other. I know this. But, to focus on you passions brings good vibes. Vibes that spread to everything. It’s kind of contagious. If we can all focus on our passions everyday, that could in a sense change the world. Just something to think about. So where’s your passion at?




A Reflection Just For You

What happens on the road doesn’t necessarily stay on the road. One tends to capture moments with a camera and send it free into the “electric spider web” aka the internet.

(Although being set free in a spider web is a bit of a load. Too much stick to handle, practically no movement there. Come to think of it, once something is in the web, real life or the matrix, it’s stuck. So, that statement might have more meaning than realized.)

Anyway, this past year was one crazy, fun, and delightfully dull 52 weeks. Balance is very important, even with emotions. No complaints here. Many good friends were made, spectacular ground was traveled on, and music painted the sound waves every show night. Fun times all around. To tell it would give it no justice, so here is a video that shows a very small portion of just that.

Cheers, Tajlyn